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Light Painting, Photography, and Other Creative Endeavors

A Perfect Cirlce

A Perfect Circle, besides being one of my favorite bands, is also an easy and cool light painting trick.

What you need

  • A paint roller and handle
  • A stand to mount the paint roller onto. I use a stand from a utility light.
  • Some lights to tape onto the roller handle. I like strips of LEDs, cold cathodes, and toy swords that light up.

Lights I’ve used

What you do

Tape some lights onto the paint roller handle and attach the roller to the light stand. Using the stand as your center point, rotate the roller to create a circle of light. Since this photo was taken, I’ve painted the light stand black to reduce the amount of light being reflected by the legs.

Light Stand

Below are the two light sources I used for the photo at the top of this post. The one I’m holding is a Citylites LED Stick and the other is a pair of cold cathodes. It’s nothing fancy and just taped on. I prefer the short paint rollers like the one I’m holding in the photo over the 12” size.

Lights on Paint Rollers

Here’s a close up of the paint roller on top of the stand I use. The pieces I had fit together perfectly. You may need to make some modifications or get a little creative to get your rig stable, but at least you get the idea.

A Perfect Fit